Principle values & goals



  • Long-term, sustainable and profitable development of our engagements.
  • A balanced mix of opportunities and risks by combining investments in the highly dynamic, fast-paced, technologically-orientated emerging markets with more slowly developing or ecologically sustainable markets.
  • A combination of
    • innovative technologies and business models
    • an entrepreneurial mindset and approach
    • the promotion of digitization and transformation and
    • highly committed managers.
  • We always aim to develop managers from within the company, wherever possible. However, we are also open to expanding our resource and management pools by taking on experts from outside the company.
  • We seek regular contact with experts from science and industry, both in Germany and abroad.
  • We share our experience and knowledge with partners and we are open to the valuable stimulus for growth that external parties can provide to our corporate group.


  • Long-term growth of assets, revenue and profit base.
  • Attractive returns on invested capital – measured against prevailing market standards – by generating operational profit and through the growth of our engagements itself.
  • Short-term, speculative or exit-driven engagements do not form part of our investment strategy.
  • Reinvestment of the majority of our profits in line with corporate and business segment strategies
  • Leveraging existing business processes, market access, resources and skills
  • Secondary conditions:
    • Environmentally conscious mindset and approach when selecting business segments,
    • Business process design and the use of resources and data in general and the use of innovative technologies in particular.
    • Creation and further development of family-friendly working and workplace conditions.
    • Development of responsible managers who identify with our values and see digital transformation as an opportunity.
    • Applying these principles to our business partnerships