About us

We work to foster the development of companies and their management, particularly within the sectors of ict distribution and services, agriculture and forestry.

Our engagements are mainly focused in Saxony and central Germany, as this is where our company has its roots. However, since product and business ideas, talents and skills are not confined by borders, we are keen to identify opportunities in other regions as well.

Our associate companies are positioned on the international market. We support them by providing or procuring capital and by guiding and encouraging them to develop their entrepreneurial mindsets and approach.


DEROSSI Invest is a privately owned, independent investment and holding company located in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz.

It was formed by consolidating the various investments of its founder, Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Grosse, into one company. The three investment categories include:

  • Information and communications technology and services (ict),
  • Agriculture,
  • Forestry.

Our focus is on the promotion and commercial use of new raw materials. In the ict sector, this particularly applies to data and to new integrated business processes and models, such as those associated with industry 4.0 and working environment 4.0. In the agricultural and forestry sectors, the focus is on natural resources and their sustainable cultivation and use. We also focus our attention on sustainable energy production and innovative applications.


DEROSSI fosters the sustainable development of promising, profitable businesses by providing or sourcing suitable loans and equity financing for them. We also support their management teams in developing their entrepreneurial mindsets and approaches, and help them to develop their networks. We foster their development directly and indirectly through the orientation of our engagements and by offering support and development for management teams.

Key criteria used to select projects, businesses and entrepreneurs are sustainability, future-proofing and potential for innovation.

In this endeavor, our group is particularly committed to its roots in Saxony and to the ideals of a free, value-based, dynamic and liberal-minded society.